The Simple Truths of Life


Another nice movie from  Sometimes we try our best to make life more complicated than it is, but it really boils down to a few simple truths.  The following is the text from the movie:

There is an unspoken balance that time has clearly explained between what I’ve lost over the years and all that I have gained. Every trait that I surrender as I slowly “loose” my youth is replaced with a life’s lesson …. traded for …. a Simple Truth. These truths I’ve leaned from things I’ve done and places I have been…what I’d give to take them back with me and live my life again.

A Simple Truth about Honesty

I’ve learned it is much easier to speak only what is true because lies are just like boomerangs; they will soon come back to you.

A Simple Truth about Money

I’ve learned that possessions do not determine your wealth and that plastic credit cards are “debtrimental” to your health.

A Simple Truth about Loss

I’ve learned that when you lose someone who is a part of who you are… time will surely heal the wound, but it won’t erase the scar.

A Simple Truth about Stress

I’ve learned it is okay to answer “no” with strong tenacity for even a large, porous sponge reaches its capacity!

A Simple Truth about Success

I’ve learned that success hould not be measured in what you will buy or own, but in the pride you feel in the person you are with…. when you are all alone.

A Simple Truth about Simplicity

I’ve learned the phrase, “less is more” is absolutely true… with too much of what you don’t need, it’s hard to find the things you do!

A Simple Truth about Anger

I’ve learned that words are permanent; hearts cannot be unbroken and saying “I’m sorry” cannot retrieve angry words that I have spoken.

A Simple Truth about First Impressions

I’ve learned not to rely on first impressions for things aren’t always as they seem.  Sometimes the very smallest player is the best one on the team.

A Simple Truth about Life

I’ve learned there are certain things that may never be fully understood for life isn’t always fair… but it’s still pretty darn good!

About Sam Shryock

I am a resident of Kansas City metro area and have practiced Pagan Spirituality since 2007. I am a third-degree Wiccan with the Correllian-Nativist tradition, the local coordinator for Kansas City Pagan Pride Day, and the host of the monthly Kansas Coffee Coven. I currently work full-time in the Computer Industry. I am a retired Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel and have a Masters Degree in Computer Resource and Information Management. Most importantly I am a proud husband, father, and grandfather.
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