Is Day Dreaming a Waste of Time?

Day DreamingDay dreaming is fun. By relaxing and just letting our minds drift, we are often treated to trips to many wonderful places. They allow us to momentarily escape our current troubles and problems and take us to someplace better. Like meditation, daydreaming allows your mind to take a break, a mini-vacation, in which to release tension and anxiety and “return” refreshed. Psychologists estimate that we daydream for one-third to one-half of our waking hours, although a single daydream lasts only a few minutes.

But daydreaming has a bad reputation. In this modern age where productivity is measured in action, daydreaming is considered a waste of time. But as you will see, daydreaming might well have the opposite effect as well as make us better human beings. Here is a short list of six benefits that psychologists are starting to attribute to daydreams.

(1) Daydreaming can improve your creativity. By letting your mind wander, you are able to think of things in a new perspective. No matter how crazy or outrageous the dream might be, there will be some instances where you can actually apply the ideas in real life.

(2) Daydreaming can lower your blood pressure. According to the Anti-Stress Center, daydreaming is a form of hypnosis. As a result it can lower your stress levels and naturally decrease your blood pressure. If you are experiencing high levels of anxiety and finding yourself in a continuous panic mode, you might want to treat yourself to a good daydream.

(3) Daydreaming can boost your mood. If you are going to daydream, why not channel your thoughts toward a positive visualization? Just close your eyes and conjure up positive images and situations.

(4) Daydreaming can help improve your memory. Have your ever tried to remember a person, place or thing but it seems to be stuck just at memory’s edge? Daydreaming can help you fill in the details of old memories.

(5) Daydreaming can help maintain relationships. Absence makes the heart grow fonder especially among day dreamers. Happy couples tend to daydream happy thoughts about one another when they are apart.

(6) Daydreaming can help relieve boredom. Boredom on the job can lead to safety accidents, sloppy work, and lower productivity. Factory workers or others that perform monotonous jobs can use daydreaming to help keep their minds stimulated.

Daydreaming can provide benefits in your spiritual life as well. Just as we might look to the dreams we have at night to attain a spiritual omen or a message from your deity, this same ability messaging capability exists in our day dreams. Shouldn’t we look closer at our daydreams and try to discover what lies underneath them and what inspires them? Do you find a common theme in your day dreams? Do certain images appear often? Do certain daydreams elicit more emotional responses of anger, sadness or joy? Do you have a tendency to daydream more when you are in certain situations? Do you use daydreams to avoid a task or responsibility that you should accomplish?

Our brain, our spirit being, our soul may be trying to bring to our attention a formulation of something we should hear. These daydreams may contain informative nuggets that can help us attain a better life.

Just as in night dreams, the images of the daydream itself is not necessarily what we look at when analyzing our daydreams. It is important to discover what lies underneath them. It is important to identify the desire from which the daydream images were created; what inspired the daydream. It is there that we are likely to uncover their meaning.

Once we understand the message of our daydreams, you must commit to action. Daydreaming about something rarely makes it happen. To accomplish results we must couple our knowledge with the necessary action to attain results. The formula for achieving results is: Knowledge + Action = Results. If you were to apply massive action to your knowledge it would have a faster, and even greater impact on your life.

So are you going to, in the words of The Monkees, become a “daydream believer?

About Sam Shryock

I am a resident of Kansas City metro area and have practiced Pagan Spirituality since 2007. I am a third-degree Wiccan with the Correllian-Nativist tradition, the local coordinator for Kansas City Pagan Pride Day, and the host of the monthly Kansas Coffee Coven. I currently work full-time in the Computer Industry. I am a retired Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel and have a Masters Degree in Computer Resource and Information Management. Most importantly I am a proud husband, father, and grandfather.
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